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What is Infinity?

Infinity is a revolutionary electronic controller for tattoo machines.

You can adjust the duty cycle and frequency INDEPENDENTLY without having to adjust the VOLTAGE.

No need for cleaning contacts, re-tuning, lubricating, and so on.

Infinity is NOT a power supply, it is an electronic tuner.


A common complaint about rotary machines is that when one needs to increase the speed by turning up the voltage, the hit also becomes harder, which isn't always wanted. NOT ANYMORE!

With infinity one can increase the speed (by using the duty cycle button) without touching the voltage – so a fast AND soft hit can be attained. Conversely, a higher voltage with a lower speed can be attained for harder-hitting colour-packing. For those wanting to line with the likes of a Cheyenne Hawk, it is especially useful - as you can increase the power/voltage but still keep the speed down.

Furthermore, the current is used more efficiently so that the motor will last longer.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you do not specify a colour when ordering we will choose one at random for you. Please email before ordering to check availability of specific colours.

Infinity saves your settings using a microprocessor.

Infinity also works on rotary machines - meaning increased motor life due to improved consistency.

Download the Infinity Tattoo Controller brochure.

No more guessing!

Benefits of Infinity

  • CONSISTENCY With the Infinity Controller your coil machine is controlled electronically, so consistency is second to none. As a result, lining, colouring and smooth shading become considerably easier.
  • ACCURACY The exact frequency and duty cycle are maintained with a micro-processor. Therefore the machine will run the same day in and day out (eliminating the variables and fluctuations usually associated with coil machines).
  • FLEXIBILITY Any minor adjustments can be made "on the fly" (and saved) for different needs, with pinpoint accuracy at the touch of a button.
  • SAVE Up to 50 settings (Frequency and Duty Cycle) can be saved - several for each machine if need be. Choose between maintain mode or alternating mode on the footpedal.
  • LONGEVITY Unlike a rotary machine, the electromagnetic coil machine does not have a motor with a finite lifetime. Introduce consistency, accuracy and flexibility - and the advantage is clear.
  • VERSATILITY The infinity controller can be used with rotary machines as well.
  • INCREASED TORQUE A major benefit for rotaries is increased torque - even at low voltages - without using the voltage to create power.

Quick Setup

  1. IMPORTANT your machine must be loaded with a needle
  2. Take note of your machines reading (frequency and duty cycle)
  3. Remove a plastic washer from the front binding post
  4. Plug in controller
  5. Set power to minimum of 9V
  6. Set controller to 90hz and 45% duty cycle
  7. Move contact forward and back to set stroke length
  8. Adjust Hz, %, V and stroke length until machine runs to your satisfaction
  9. For rotaries use the duty cycle to adjust the speed (between 70-90%)
  10. You can download the full setup guide for more detailed instructions

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